Now easily learn the classic German card game Doppelkopf ?!

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The classic game rethought

You want to learn Doppelkopf? You have friends who finally want to play Doppelkopf with you? You want to inspire your family for this exciting game? The rules were somehow too difficult until now! Then we have the solution for you: „Doppelkopf 2.0 – the classic game rethought“.

„Doppelkopf 2.0 – the classic game rethought“ are innovative Doppelkopf game cards that enable beginners and infrequent players to grasp the logic and mechanics of the game more easily. The playing cards contain supplementary auxiliary information: the trump strengths and order, color coding and order of the missing cards, the value of the cards when counting them, and hints about the possibility of winning special victory points.

And the nice thing: You can still play Doppelkopf according to the normal Doppelkopf rules. Our game is approved by the German Doppelkopf Association e.V. (DDV). You can add additional rules to the game, e.g. the „pig“, by using the included additional cards. And as a special treat, we will add our own supplementary rules to the game. Be curious.

We have come up with something very special for the images of the playing cards: As a graphic basis for the playing cards, we were able to get reproduction prints of two 1930s decks from the German Playing Card Museum in Leinfelden: German Doppelkopf Card Game VASS Altenburg 1931 and a matching Dondorf’s standard ladies‘ deck from the 1930s. We have taken the pictures from the historical playing cards, graphically enhanced them and put them together to a new beautiful set of playing cards.

Prototype #2 „GOLDEN EDITION“

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DOUBLEHEAD KIDS - Doppelkopf for families

 3rd edition 

With DOUBLEHEAD KIDS the Doppelkopf normal game can be played with family friendly cards. Ideal as an introduction for children and families to the game of Doppelkopf.

Stay faithful to us – your Felix, Henri, Jola and Jörg