There is a special tradition in our family: At Christmas we always play poker. You’ll probably think, „Are they crazy?“.

It all started a few years ago. My brother’s children – more like teenagers – were very bored at Christmas and were just fiddling with their mobile phones. My father pulled a poker set out of the closet and off they went. Since then, everyone has been looking forward to the traditional poker battle on Christmas Day or Boxing Day.

My children (13, 10, 4) are now gradually getting into the age of playing poker. I noticed that they still find it difficult to recognize the poker cards for all conceivable hands, e.g. flush or a straight. Also the betting rules/sequences in Hold’em are not so easy to grasp.

The solution: We (my children and I) are currently developing a special poker card game for the whole family, which makes it easier to get started, but does not compromise on the valid poker rules. After we have taken on the game Doppelkopf in 2019 by means of two successful Kickstarter campaigns, we now want to improve the next card game classic for you.

POKER FAMILY: Game for 2 to 8 players, from 6 years of age, duration 45 to 120 minutes – Contents : Poker card game with 55 cards, not yet determined number of cards in mini format, which serve as poker chips or play money, additional accessories to simplify the game

Prototype #3

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